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everything will disappear, i tightly hold your hand
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That is so epic
Tuesday, October 13, 2009 // 7:18 PM

Lemme share you my day. hahaha =))))

So, first period was Filipino, Ms. Bhabes let us copy the "Pokus ng Pandiwa" through the OHP. Then we had a discussion about it, then seatwork afterwards. I've got 15/15 for a score. YAY ME~! haha. So, the best part is when Ivan told us about this LAYON thing-y.

Dewi: Ano yung layon?
Ivan: Ano yung layon? Ano?
Dewi: Oo.
Ivan: layon. yung *RAAAAWR*
Ako: Ano ulit?
Ako: HAHAHAHA. LOL. =)))))))
Oo na, corny na. hahaha. Sorry naman. Mababaw ang kaligayahan eh. :| =)) For 1 and a half our, tawa lang kami ng tawa, so after ng 1st period ay recess.


Dewi and I walked along the catwalk, nung nasa dulo na kami ng catwalk, nakita namin si Imma, tapos sabay-sabay na kaming pumunta sa cafeteria (o diba? cafeteria. haha. sosyalin. ewan ko ba, kung bakit ganyang tawag sa canteen. LOL.) Tapos pinaguusapan namin yung locker chu-chu. haha. Sabi ko "gusto ko magka-locker, kahit magkano, babayaran koooooo." So I approached, Jheric (AHEM..AHEM..) hahaha. So, I asked him, "ginagamit mo ba locker mo?" (FYI, only those part of the Team Seton can use the lockers.) then he replied, "No, gusto mo ba?", then I nodded and said, "yup!", haha. He'll give his keys to me on Thursdayyyy~

ELA class. haha. Earnest San Juan sit in. Kasi he wasn't able to join the reco of II-Christology. :)) We had our recitation, it's fun. Group 5 won. Then Math, Ms. Babes Victa distributed our homeworks. And I'm proud with my score. haha 19/26. yeheyyyy~ And then we discussed our last 2 lessons for the 2nd quarter which is the Complex Rational Expressions and Rational Equations. Natatawa ko kay Ivan. haha.

Ako: Hindi ko kamo gets. haha
Ivan: O, pano ba `to?
Ako: ewan ko. hindi ko nga maintindihan. :))))
Ivan: sige, pano mo na lang sinagutan?
Ako: *explain and all*
Dewi: tingnan mo sa kabilang page.
Ako at Ivan: *tingin naman*
Dewi: O, diba pareho kayo ng sagot nito.
Ako: oo nga no. hahaha! =))
Ivan: hindi mo talaga alam ha. HINDI MO TALAGA ALAM! =)))))

So ayun, tapos lunch. We had our lunch, Dewi, Imma and I at the Farm, since wala naman si Paola. Aww. Lungkot nga eh, wala ang Christo. :( After lunch, tsaka ko lang nalaman na may quiz sa CCF. And I am not feeling well that time. So after lunch, I had to scan my notes for CCF. Eh, Bio mauuna, so may recitation pala. As in GRADED RECITATION. Good thing, the question that was asked by Sir Boni to me was not-so-complicated. Haha. And yes, I got it correctly. :D

CCF time, had our quiz. Don't ask me my score. IT'S SUPER BABA. :(( Then discussion about Baptism and the continuation for the Case Studies. Narealize ko na malapit na ko magprayer leader. THOUGHT FOR THE DAY NA! \:D/ Dun ako naeexcite eh. :">

Then the last period was TLE. Had our long test. Dunno if my answers were correct, pero alam ko naman yun. HAHAHA. =))) Tapos went down to the TLE Lab kasi marami pang hindi tapos and so on.

Dismissal Time. I was supposed to go home early. Pero they let me take the 2nd trip. X( Kaya dumating ako sa bahay ng 6:30pm and yes, my mom did scold me. ampppp. :|

Ngayon, I need to study and make reviewers. So goodbye. Alam ko bored na bored na kayo. =)))

Your Smexy Ladyae,
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Reality Bites
Monday, October 12, 2009 // 12:09 AM

It's already 8 minutes before 12am and I am still awake. I still have to study for tomorrow and do my journal for CCF. I am not allowed to open my computer starting tomorrow. But I guess, I can still do it. Our schedule for the week's kinda messy. We don't have classes tomorrow and on Wednesday and we will be having our annual recollection this coming thursday. My schedule is also jam-pack. For tomorrow, I need to finish all projects and portfolio's and study for Biology and CCF. Plus, I need to print my reply slip for me to be able to join the recollection because I lost my precious reply slip, how poor of me. I have tons of problems as of now. First, how can I manage my schedule, when our recollection is on thursday, how will I be able to study for our tests on Friday? Well, I guess I have to make a reviewer so that I can carry it with me on Thursday. And study while I'm on the bus. Second, I don't know if I could pass my math subject for my second quarter, but I am hoping that I could. My dad's gonna kill me, if I'll receive a PTC in math. :| I am also hoping for higher results in the card especially in Biology and yes, Math. I just don't know what's happening to me, I mean, when Ms. Babes is discussing the lesson, I understand it, when it comes to the tests, I definitely don't know what to do anymore. I guess time pressure is all I can think of. :|

Well, I guess I need to sleep now. I need to be energize tomorrow because I have tons of works to do. And oh, by the way:


Your Smexy Ladyae,
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life's a game but it's not fair
Wednesday, October 7, 2009 // 3:28 PM

So, we don't have classes today. Due to Imus Day, I guess.
Woke up at 8:22am, kasi I slept at around 11:40 because I had to finish my portfolio's for Biology, Math and TLE. I am not yet finish with the 6 more refection papers. I've got lazy, that's why. Tapos pag malapit na yung deadline, cramming. Oh noes. :O So, our quarterly exams was moved, from October 7-8, 2009 which is probably today to October 14-16. There's also no classes on monday, HOORAAAAAAAAY~

Anyways, we were supposed to present the final output of our interpretative dance today for our kinesthetics in ZLL. Pero thankful ako na walang pasok, kasi hindi pa kami tapos. Ang hirap magproduce ng steps sa kanta namin, which is "where is the love" by the Black Eyed Peas. Hindi ko na alam yung mga dapat gawin o dalhin para bukas. I am not also sure, if we will going to have a baking activity in TLE, kasi sabi ni Ms. Eva tuesday daw, tapos LT din sa Tuesday. :))) ay, bahala na nga. pwede naman pagsabayin yun eh, kasi saglit lang naman yung No Bake Blueberry Cheesecake :)

Gustung-gusto ko na talaga matapos yung sayaw namin sa kinesthetics, my problem's the steps. Kasi I don't dance naman talaga. And yes, I've got my Zoo York Moonachie Low from my tita, THANKS TITA! :)

I want GD's Heartbreaker album :( Pero ang mahal mahal kasi, di ko rin alam kung pano bumili sa internet. haha. inosente much. XD Anyways, I'm loving Super Junior na. I love their song It's You, ang ganda kasi ng intro. " neorago (neorago), neorago(neorago)" haha, for the win!~ Knowing that SuJu and my beloved, Big Bang and 2NE1 reached MIT 20, surprised me a lot. MORE BANG-ers, MORE GD-Lovers. OH NOOOOES~ :((( haha. I'm kidding.

I speak too much. haha

`k, bye. :)

Your Smexy Ladyae,
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I break the rules, but I don't care
Tuesday, October 6, 2009 // 6:13 PM

a'ight, so after the much awaited releasing of ARC, binigay na siya today. Thankful ako, kasi wala akong PTC. At oo, asenso ang math. hahaha. Got a total average of 86. (FYI, pag Setonian ka, mataas na yan. hahahaha! ewan ko ba, sobrang hirap ng academics. :O) Masaya naman ako sa result. But I want more. haha. MOOOOORE. Aim high nga diba? :D Ayun, sa mga nakakuha ng PTC, bawi na lang kayo this quarter sa QT at sa next 2 quarters! Remember, walang hindi imposible, pag nagsikap tayo. \:D/ tsaka, tandaan nyo palagi na pag may isang gusto kayo, mag-focus kayo, para ma-achieve nyo. :) Payong kaibigan lang po, wag maooffend ^^,

Sige, bye na nga. :D Comments kayo. :D

Your Smexy Ladyae,
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Science Investigatory Project For Science Day
Monday, October 5, 2009 // 6:15 PM

Cinnamon Hand Sanitizer

Things Needed:

-- 1/4 cup 100 percent pure aloe vera gel
-- 1/4 cup grain alcohol
-- 8 to 10 drops cinnamon fragrance oil (not essential oil)
-- 2 drops red food coloring
-- Mixing bowl and spoon
-- Funnel
-- Spray bottle


Step 1
Place the aloe vera gel into a mixing bowl.

Step 2
Add the grain alcohol to the aloe vera gel and stir to combine.

Step 3
Add the cinnamon fragrance oil to the aloe vera and alcohol mixture.

Step 4
Stir in the drops of food coloring. Stir well to blend all ingredients. This may take up to one minute.

Step 5
Pour the cinnamon hand sanitizer into a spray bottle. Use a funnel if the opening of the bottle is narrow. The hand sanitizer is ready to be used immediately.

Source: CLICK

Organic Hand Sanitizer

Things Needed:

-- Grain alcohol
-- Pure organic aloe vera gel
-- Distilled or spring water
-- Wooden spoon
-- Tea tree essential oil
-- Pump or squeeze bottle
-- Labels


Step 1
Combine 1 oz. grain alcohol with 2 oz. pure organic aloe vera gel in a small bowl.

Step 2
Add 1 oz. distilled or spring water to the mixture, and stir with a wooden spoon to combine. Use more or less water if the mixture is too thick or thin, to reach the desired consistency.

Step 3
Add 3 to 5 drops of tea tree essential oil to the alcohol mixture. Stir well with the wooden spoon to combine.

Step 4
Pour the mixture into a clean plastic pump or squeeze bottle. Label with the contents and date. This organic hand sanitizer should be used within six months, or discarded.

Step 5
Use approximately 1 tsp. of the organic hand sanitizer per application. No rinsing is necessary. It is best used when washing the hands with soap and water is not an option, and it should not be used to replace proper hand washing.

Source: CLICK

-- "ANYHOW, instead of using cinnamon, guys. bakit hindi tayo gumamit ng watermelon fragrance oil or grapefruit seed extract? diba, gagawa na tayo ng proposal bukas. hahaha. Ayun, sige, kayo pa rin bahala eto lang yung suggestion ko kung magugustuhan nyo :)"

Your Smexy Ladyae,
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Thursday, October 1, 2009 // 1:29 PM

HAHAHAHAYYYYYY. Wala na naman akong magawa. Syempre, ako'y gumawa ng isang eksena sa plurk. at sila naman ay natuwa. hahaha. rock on patricia! wag na sanang umulan, para makapag party kami, I mean, makapunta sila sa bahay bukas. haha


Wala talaga akong magawa sa mga nakakaraang araw dahil walang pasok. Hindi ko rin magets kung bakit walang pasok, dahil parang wala naman masama sa panahon ngayon. :O Sayang din yung 3 araw na yun. Tapos baka ma-move ang quarterly tests, may saturday classes or worst, maextend ang school year. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Nakakatamad sa lahat ay yung saturday classes. haha. :))

May hindi rin ako nakikita. I MISS YOU; DEWI, PAOLA, YMA, RAQUEL, PAULINE, IZUMI, JONATHAN V., JHERIC, IVAN, ROLAND. Ayun, syempre na-miss ko rin ang SETON. HAHAHA. :D Anyway, andito na yung bagyo diba? ANO BA YAAAAN. :| sorry naman, I hate it when it rains ang gloomy gloomy kase ng weather.

I have a favor, bilhin nyo naman ako sa FFS. DALI NA. :P Murang-mura lang ako. HAHA. Kung ika'y interesado, click HERE! Nangangailangan ako ng pampataas ng value. Eto ang aking page:

I-ZOOM mo ang litrato para makita mo ang presyo. SALAMAT. :*

Thank you for reading my crap. Bye. :D

Your Smexy Ladyae,
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This is how it goes.
Wednesday, September 30, 2009 // 2:29 PM

•ABS-CBN needs volunteers Sept. 28, 29 & 30. Shifts 8AM-12NN; 1:00-5:00PM & 5:00-9:00PM. Call 924-4101 loc. 2603, 2579, 4759

•RED CROSS NAT’L. HEAD QUARTERS NEEDS 50 VOLUNTEERS! to those of you who can go out there, please call 433-2151 to 52 or 9203672. Look for tony or anne garcia. PLEASE REPOST!

•The Katy Perry concert is no more. Instead of refunding your tickets, why not donate them to charities helping out #ondoy casualties?

•REMINDERS: ALL Petron stations are accepting donations. ADMU, UP, DLSU, FEU, LSGH, AA, AC, UST — ALL accepting donations in kind!

•DLSU-M needs volunteers for tomorrow to repack goods. We still need clean, empty 1.5 bottles with caps , medicines & toiletries. Pls RT.

•PAWS in katipunan is opening its doors for the dog and cat evacuees. Telefax: 4751688 Donations for dog food and shelters are accepted.

•for south people: if you plan to donate to la salle zobel, they said that rice would really help.

•For cash or cheque donations deposit to BANCO DE ORO ABS-CBN Branch, Account Number: 5630020111; Account Name: ABS-CBN FOUNDATION INC.

•for those in cavite: DLSU-Dasmarinas is also accepting donations, pls proceed to the 2nd floor of SBC Building.

•People in the south may volunteer @ Red Cross Alabang - ATC along Zapote Road fronting National Bookstore call 8097131 for info

•We are setting up a mechanism for assistance to members of the DLSU community who had been affected by typhoon Ondoy. If you would know of DLSU faculty, staff or students who need assistance/who were affected by the flood, please get in touch w/ Lysander Rivera, Evelyn Lopez-Esparrago or McRey Banderlipe at (02)5236158; (02)5265612; 0919-8018121;0922-8877495;

•American Red Cross is accepting donations to help in the rescue and relief operations for the people who are affected by typhoon “Ondoy”. Call 1-800-435-7669.

•Heads up! for those whose cars are stuck HONDA & NISSAN OFFER FREE TOWING! 09228504452 -09224452242 -09228997959

•for those who are having a hard time donating, do try through Paypal: http://tinyurl.com/y8g3pml

•on anc: ndcc would like everyone to know that NO DAMS WILL BE OPENED TO RELEASE WATER. circulating warnings not true.

•1.6 million Philippine Facebook users. Donate 100 pesos each and we’ll raise 160 million for Red Cross rescue and relief. Red Cross donation through SMS: text REDAMOUNT to 2899 (Globe) or 4483 (Smart)

•ATENEO DE DAVAO is accepting in kind donations for ondoy.drop off at the samahan office in jacinto campus For the people of Batangas DE LA SALLE LIPA is also accepting donations.Drop off point College Lobby.

•Let’s not focus on people like Jacque Bermejo. Ignore her and save your energy for helping those who need it. Join a relief drive now!

Your Smexy Ladyae,
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